Solutions For The Continuing Evolution Of Conscious Coaching

Coaching & The Rising Thirst For Transformation 

Transformation is now a commonly offered outcome of coaching, self-help programs, and even trainings in marketing and sales. 

The word carries the promise of magic and hope. It’s a beautiful thing.  And it opens the door to an important concern.  

When coaches offer their clients transformation, can they truly deliver it?  

The Global Association For Coaching Integrity (GACI)
Is Dedicated To:

  • Clarifying what is essential to be able to deliver on a coach's promise of transformation
  • Developing the skills to deliver this promised transformation into the coach’s existing repertoire of tools, techniques, and protocols.

The Role Of The Global Association 
For Coaching Integrity (GACI):

  • To highlight the emerging need for Coaching Integrity

  • To provide varying approaches to understanding and developing these skills to fulfill the need

  • To offer a place where those who hold these values and desires can share their method of fulfillment

  • To provide balance to the current emphasis on marketing and 6-figure incomes by refocusing attention on skill as a viable source for creating reliable income streams via referrals

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